Sunday, 13 September 2009

One down 22 to go

We arrived at the Falkland Palace court in good time - the oldest functioning tennis court in the world and the only open air Real Tennis court too! - situated on a National Trust property. This al fresco quirk of the court is a real charm and great for those wanting to push their Giraffe serves to the max - the sky is literally the limit... it does however casue some problems: mishit shots can lead to balls landing in the pond of the palace gardens... More quirks of the court include the absence of a tambour and penthouse and instead an Ais - a five ft by one ft upright pank of wood in the servers corner - and four Lunes open windows at the usual penthouse end: points are scored when shots hit or go through either of these,,,

We would like to thank Simon and the other players at Falkland who greeted us at the court and made a generous dontion to the MS Society - we hope to see you again soon!

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