Friday, 18 September 2009

Merton College Reat Tennis Club, Oxford

A short walk through Christchurch brought us to Merton College Real Tennis COurt built in 1798. The smallest real tennis court in Britain with its unforgiving tambour and great advantage to the servers. Andrew Davies made us feel welcome and kindly swept the court before play. We were watched by Anna Haxworth who stoically cycled to watch us from north Oxford despire her nasty cold. Now in the car heading down the A40 to Holyport. Losses so far include shoes (? left at Hyde - GAR), racket (left at Petworth - located GR), camera (? also left at Petworth - GR). Not to mention loss of sleep and the odd chase!
Angus sitting in the back talking to German television producers who would like to make a documentary on living on a boat in London, working out how he will break the news that his boat is actually an MTB that sank a German destroyer in WWII!

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