Monday, 14 September 2009

Manchester - court 3!

7.50am saw a happy four, including a sleep deprived Angus (having spent the night with his father in a double bed!) knocking on the doors of the Manchester Tennis and Racquet Club.
Steve Brockenshaw the professional welcomed us to the club and before the game kindly gave us a tour of the club. We first arrived into a hall surrounded by mounted stag heads and ancient tennis rackets. The club's panelled changing rooms, rows and rows of wonderful tennis pictures, beautiful members oak-panelled lounge, bar and dining room make this a very special (and comfortable) club.
The court has just been extensively refurbished with work recently being delayed which prohibited us playing a conventional game. However due to Steve's industry the court had been cleaned, a tape-net erected in place of the absent new net and a scaffold tower remined in front of the grille. Steve kindly marked an improvised best of three games, reminding us that we were the first to play on the refurbished court, whish we did so with new balls. Thank you to those members of the club who donated to the MS Society, we are very grateful.
We were fascinated by the amazing array of historical portraits recording the history of the club. We were lucky to meet Stella Heap who manages the club.
Gordon tried out his new racket having cracked his frame at Falkland and Angus struggled on despite his sleep deprivation.
Next stop Leamington!


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