Monday, 14 September 2009

The North East

Arrived at Jesmond in plenty of time for the 6pm court, greeted by Andrew Douglas and Simon Harrisand watched a club doubles match for half an hour. Tom and Angus beat Gordon and Guy 6-3 4-3. This is another Bickley court and Jesmond intimated interest in being included in the Bickley bowl competition already instituted between the Bickley courts at Hardwick and Moreton Morrell. The court is leased from the town council, has the most wonderful rose windows and plays very similarly to Hardwick. It has the joy of a comfortable dedansand professional's quarters at the other end of the court. Paul Hetherington the professional dropped in to encourage us and tell us a little of the history of the court.
after a swift beer with some of the members we departed for Manchester managing the cross the Tyne bridge on several occasions before being guided out to the motorway by a lively resident of Gateshead.
Serious traffic - roadworks punctuated by accidents meant a slow journey into Manchester followed by takeaway pizzas and a couple of bottles of Cab Sauv soon after midnight in the salubrious surroundings of the Salford Travelodge where double beds awaited the tired illustrious four.


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