Monday, 14 September 2009

On to the fifth...

From Lemington Spa its a quick dash to Moreton Morrell - with time for a quick half of the aforementioned Lemingotn Real Tennis Ale in between... Moreton Morrell is a beautiful court built by a wealthy American, Charles Garland, in the grounds of his stately home in 1905... Mr Garland had originally wanted to join the Lemington Spa Club but - for undisclosed reeasons - was blackballed by the comittee (see previous post!), he retorted by building his own.

A quirk of Moreton is a wooden squash-tennis court - a hybrid game that Garland invented with his mates...

We all felt at home on the Moreton court - built by the same architect as our home court at Hardwick (Joseph Bickley) it played similarly and we had a tight three set match.

Thanks to the pro Tom for regripping Tom Rob's racket - on the road repairs! And also thanks to Tom for looking after Antony - the stags head/antlers, Gordon's trophy from the Gruinard which was stinking out the car...

Also many thanks to the Moreton members their hospitality.


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  1. It looks better if you all wear tennis shoes for the photo!!! Well done boys keep going. Dad will be fit for climbing the Alps!! Mum